Contra Market

Contra market can be defined as a move or a behavior of an entity against the broad and happening trend of the market. The entities involve in contra market can be categorized as securities and sectors that have a negative … Continue reading

Coiled Market

Coiled market can be defined as market that has a strong potential of moving in one direction after being pushed strongly in the opposite direction. The idea or the reason behind a market being pushed in one direction is that … Continue reading

Countertrend Trading

Countertrading can be defined as a trading strategy or a trading behavior where an assumption is made that the current trading trend will be reversed and the new reversed trend will result in an increased profit. Countertrend trading is not … Continue reading

Forex System Trading

Forex System Trading is a type of trading that involves the trading of forex. By Trading of forex we mean trading of the currency pairs that are different in nature. Forex system trading means the method of analysis that determine … Continue reading


Forecasting can be defined as a process in which historical or previously collected data is used to forecast the trends for the future. Forecasting is a tool that is used by the companies, financial institutions and business entities to find … Continue reading

Disparity Index

Disparity index is a technical indicator that is used to measure the comparative point of the most up to date closing price to the chosen figure of the moving average and represent the reported value in the form of the … Continue reading

Short Tax Year

As the name indicates the short tax year can be referred to a tax year that is smaller in terms of length as compared to any ordinary tax year. The short tax year can either be a fiscal year or … Continue reading

Short Form Report

A short form report is a kind of a short report that is published about the details and the outcomes of an audit. In short a short term report can be defined as the report that is a summary of … Continue reading

Short Term Loss

A short term loss can be defined as a loss that is realized after the sale or the exchange of an asset that is capital in nature and is held by the business entity for exactly a year or less … Continue reading

Market Economy

Market economy can be defined as the ideal situation of the economy and the market where the decisions regarding the economy and the pricing of the goods, products and market entities is solely taken by the citizens of the economy … Continue reading

Market Distortion

Market distortion as the name indicates is a definition given to a kind of disturbance in the market. The market distortion or the market disturbance occurred in the given economy when there is an intervention by the government in the … Continue reading

Market Discount

The market discount can be defined as the discount offered on the bonds in secondary market. Market discount is actually the difference between the stated redemption price of the bond and the purchased price of the bond that is actually … Continue reading

Over and Short

Over and short is a term that is used in the accounting scenario that means the actual difference between the estimated and the actual figures of production, financial figures or any other estimates. Another definition of over and short can … Continue reading

Unrestricted Cash

Unrestricted cash as the name suggests is the cash that is not associated or tied to a particular use within or outside the business entity. Unrestricted cash is not restricted to any particular purpose and it is taken as an … Continue reading

Unit of Production Method

Unit of production method is a method of calculating depreciation for a physical property that is not under the continuous use by the business entity. The unit of production method is the method of calculating depreciation that is mostly used … Continue reading

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