Tax Free

Tax Free can is a term that is used to refer certain types of goods, financial instruments and products that are not taxed. The example of the tax free instruments can be presented as municipal bonds. There are also kinds … Continue reading

Target Return

Target Return can be defined as a model that is used for pricing the business. This model prices the business on the basis of the fact the amount of return that an investor is expecting to earn from the business. … Continue reading

Tangible Common Equity

Tangible common equity can be defined as the ability of an organization or a business entity to deal with its operational losses. Tangible common equity is the measure of the capital of the organization that it can use to cope … Continue reading

Net Worth

The net worth of an organization or a business entity can be defined as the amount with which the total assets of the entity exceed the total liabilities. The concept of the net worth is equally true for the individuals … Continue reading

Net Premium Written

The concept of net premium written can be defined as the total sum of all the premiums written by the insurance company over a particular time period. The premium relinquished to the other insurance companies is subtracted while calculating the … Continue reading

Net Option Premium

Net option premium can be defined as the amount that is paid by an investor or a trader for selling one option and purchasing the other option. The investor of the trader may make a combination of various options and … Continue reading

Net Short

Net Short can be defined as a situation where the investor experiences more short positions as compared to the number of long positions in a given asset, market, economy or any other monetary situation. The net short can also be … Continue reading

The net payoff can be defined as the total loss or profit occurred to an individual or a business entity received after the sale of a product when the cost of production and the accounting losses have been subtracted from … Continue reading

Natural Capital

Natural Capital can be defined as the name given to the stocks of natural resources such as oil, gas, water and may other natural elements. Unlike the stocks of human build materials such as buildings, machines and other sort of … Continue reading


Rationalization can be defined as the re-organization and rebuilding of the organization in order to increase its efficiency and performance. There are a number of processes and operations that an organization can undergo in order to increase efficacy and operational … Continue reading

Rational Behavior

Rational behavior is a behavior of an individual pr a business entity in which the individual or an entity act or perform in such a way that it will result beneficial for the individual or entity. In rational behavior the … Continue reading

Ratio Call Write

Ratio call write is an optional strategy that is used by the investors while selling or purchasing shares. In ratio call write strategy the investor owns shares in underlying stock and tends to write more on money-call option as compared … Continue reading

Contra Market

Contra market can be defined as a move or a behavior of an entity against the broad and happening trend of the market. The entities involve in contra market can be categorized as securities and sectors that have a negative … Continue reading

Coiled Market

Coiled market can be defined as market that has a strong potential of moving in one direction after being pushed strongly in the opposite direction. The idea or the reason behind a market being pushed in one direction is that … Continue reading

Countertrend Trading

Countertrading can be defined as a trading strategy or a trading behavior where an assumption is made that the current trading trend will be reversed and the new reversed trend will result in an increased profit. Countertrend trading is not … Continue reading

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