Accommodation Line

Accommodation line can be defined as an addition, deduction, transformation or any kind of change in an existing insurance contract. There are several reasons of introducing this change as this change is either requested by broker or the insurance company … Continue reading

Accommodation Trading

As the name indicates the accommodation trading is a kind of adjustment trading in which one trader accommodates or adjusts for another trader by entering or establishing a non-competitive purchase or sales order or a non competitive environment within the … Continue reading

Accommodation Endorsement

Accommodation endorsement can be defined as the written agreement between the two entities where one entity legally back the credit liability of the other entity. This is a type of insurance that is used to create and enhance the creditworthiness … Continue reading

Accounting Earnings

Accounting Earnings can be defined as the total amount that is earned by a business entity or a company in the given accounting period that may last for a year or a quarter as reported by the accounting standards such … Continue reading

Accounting Noise

Accounting Noise can be defined as the distortion or disturbance that occurred within the financial statements of a business entity or a business corporation due to the lack of following accounting rules and regulations that must be followed to maintain … Continue reading

Actuarial Analysis

Actuarial Analysis can be defined as the examination, measurement, estimation or determination of the degree of risk involved in a certain project by a highly educated, professional and experienced statistician. The major objective of the Actuarial analysis is to measure … Continue reading

Actual Cash Value

The actual cash value can be defined as the amount that is equal to the replacement cost deducting the depreciation of the asset or the property at the time of the loss while the property or asset is being damaged … Continue reading

Additional Collateral

Additional collateral is a collection of additional assets by a borrower against the debt obligation to make sure that the borrower has an ability to repay the acquired debt. The major objective of the additional collateral is to minimize the … Continue reading

Adjusted Gross Income

The term adjusted gross income can be used for both an individual and a business company. Adjusted Gross income defines the amount of the income for a business company or an individual that is taxable. The method of calculating adjusted … Continue reading

Bank Investment Contract

Bank Investment Contract is a legal contract and it is comprised of a single security and the portfolio of securities that offer the investor a guaranteed rate of return. As the name of the contract indicates it is a bank … Continue reading

Availability Float

Availability float is another banking terminology that can be useful for the accounting functions and accounting concepts. Availability float can be defined as the time period that exists between when the amount is deposited and when it is actually available … Continue reading

Adjustment Credit

Adjustment credit can be categorized as a kind of small loan. This kind of loan is a short term loan that is declared from a Federal Reserve Bank to a small commercial bank. The major objective and the advantage of … Continue reading

Average Collected Balance

Average collected balance is a monetary term that is related to the bank accounting terms. The average collected balance can be defined as the balance of the uncollected funds that is accumulated in the account of an individual or an … Continue reading

Balance Reporting

Balance reporting is a process of reporting a customer that may be an individual or a business entity about their bank accounts. This reporting is done by the bank or the bank system. The balance reporting constitute on a report … Continue reading

Bank Credit

The bank credit is a monetary term that can be defined as the amount of credit available to a third party, individual or business entity from a bank. This can be defined as the aggregate of funds that are available … Continue reading

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